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Adults/Kids Six Session Running Technique Course

Running is a skill and most people have not been taught how to run, hence the large amount of injuries. Our 6 session package is suitable for all levels. It begins with a Biomechanical Analysis to help identify areas that can be improved within your running to reduce the risk of injury or improve your performance (or both). The next five training sessions focus on improving the areas we have identified in the analysis through our unique coaching methodology.

Adults/Kids Running Biomechanical & Movement Analysis

Discover your running potential with our Running Biomechanical and Movement Analysis, perfect for all ages and levels. Through advanced analysis, we identify your unique movement patterns, pinpointing areas for improvement to boost efficiency and minimise injury risks. You’ll receive personalised recommendations to enhance your running form. Ideal for beginners and seasoned runners alike, our analysis is your first step towards a safer, more effective running journey.

Running Coaching & Athlete Mentor/Development

Unlock your potential with our personalised Running Coaching & Athlete Development program. Tailored for any level, we combine physical training, mental conditioning, and strategic planning to help you achieve your goals. Our approach includes an initial consultation, customised coaching, regular progress assessments, and mentorship for holistic improvement. Experience transformation in performance and mindset, and navigate your path to excellence with our expert guidance.

What we stand for

Coaching is complex and not simply handing out a training plan.

Our philosophy considers all bio-psycho-social factors treating each athlete as an individual with unique biological and psychological characteristics. Taking time to understand how you learn in order to help steer you to achieve your full potential.

Allowing space for you to develop, always listening and being available to support and offer solutions jointly considered.

An athlete centred approach underpins our core values of integrity, honesty, trust and respect which we aim to develop in each athlete in a safe and friendly environment.

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Rachel Normand

Rachel Normand

2018 Scottish Ultra Running Champion

"Working with the team at Improve My Running has totally transformed the way I run. I am so much faster, stronger and more efficient than before. Now I finish races running strong and tall and with a smile on my face. My results have steadily improved and this year I won the Highland Fling Ultramarathon. I couldn’t have achieved this without all the help from Matt over the last year..."

Alison Smith

Alison Smith

Completed six week running programme

"I enlisted Matt's help to achieve my goal of running a sub 3:30 marathon. I'd run 5 marathons already but seemed to be stuck at times around 3:50. Matt's work on my running technique and form, along with his structured approached to strength work and a tailored training schedule have transformed my running and allowed me to achieve my goal. ..."

Jo Newens

Jo Newens

GB Endurance Athlete

"Since working with Matt, I've been selected to run for Scotland at 100km and Great Britain at 24hour - I wouldn’t have even dreamt this was possible without his help and guidance."

Kenny Watt

Kenny Watt

Physiotherapist @ Project: Physio

"Matt's specialist knowledge and understanding of all things running have made him my go-to person for running gait analysis as well as movement conditioning and patterning."

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