While our facility is closed, we have moved IMR online so we can FOCUS ON WHAT WE CAN DO right now and not what is restricted.  Click here for more information about IMR's Covid19 actions.

We are offering FREE 15 minute online consultations for new and existing clients to discuss your running related issues at this difficult time.

There are also 30 and 60 minute online consultations to discuss training plans, injury rehab and exercise prescription to help keep your running and fitness on track (£25 for 30 minutes and £50 for 60 minutes, per session).

We can also provide online running analysis and exercise prescription - this needs you, the athlete, to send in a video of your running (£50).

Finally, we can provide Dynamic Movement Sessions (DMS) for kids/family/athletes.   Email us for more information.

For any of these offers, please email your contact details to and we will get in touch to arrange details.

Jo Newens, Winner Tooting Bec 24 Hour Race 2019

"Training with Matt at Improve My Running has made a huge difference to my running performance.

I used to start races fighting with injuries and covered in sticky tape.  Now I stand on the start line feeling strong and can focus on what I want to achieve.

The results have been better than I could have ever imagined - thanks Matt!”

Jo Newens

Rachel Normand, 2018 Scottish Ultra Running Champion

"This year I have focused on some big international ultramarathons races and with Matt's coaching I finished in the top 20 in Transvulcania and Lavaredo. Matt worked with me to create a training plan to be competitive in these long mountain races. The structured sessions and mileage helped me to progress and feel confident on the start line. My input and feedback are valued and the plan is flexible to fit in around the rest of my life. Matt's constant hard work and commitment to helping me to get better continue to be invaluable and I'm excited to keep working with Improve My Running.”

Rachel Normand


We can help you:

  • stay injury free.
  • improve your running technique.
  • increase your speed whatever your sport.

We teach adults and children running technique to improve efficiency and reduce injuries using our unique coaching methods. Then we get you running faster! No matter how young or old, or the level of your running experience, learning the correct technique will result in increased efficiency, lowered risk of injury and increased speed; making running even more enjoyable.

We treat everyone as an individual.  We listen carefully and respectfully work with, and build on, the knowledge you have.

"Matt Holland has developed the ability through years of experience working with people of all abilities, not just to figure out what is wrong with them, but to work out where and what the weakness in your body is that the problem is originating from, then he works on finding a solution to help get you back doing the things that you most enjoy."

- Adrian Stott (Manager - Run and Become, Team Manager - Scottish Ultra Distance Running Squad)


We work with runners following injury or surgery to get back to full function in the quickest way possible.  We can support the rehabilitation of a variety of injuries, getting you back to what you love by complimenting the work you may be doing with other specialists.

We also work with people who are looking for support to improve walking or to increase confidence to prevent falls.  If you have a child who is struggling with movement, coordination or sport i.e. dyspraxia or development delays, then we can help teach them to move better, gain more confidence and get more involved in activity.

Whether it is help to get you back to full function i.e. running, following injury or surgery, or if it is helping you regain and maintain the best functional movement possible, we do this by re-establishing normal movement patterns.



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