First, we teach you to move better.

Then we teach you to run better.

Then we teach you to run faster.

Running is a skill and not many people have been taught how to run. Hence the large amount of running injuries amongst athletes, recreational and elite.

Through our unique coaching methodology, we have developed the ability to help individuals of all levels and from all sports.  

Whatever your sport, we can help you: Running, Triathlon, any multi directional sport (football, rugby etc), golf or just to get you moving pain free (if you suffer from back or joint pain).

Learn to run in 6 weeks, improving technique, speed and injury prevention.

One of our training methods is DMS – Dynamic Movement Skills. DMS is a cutting-edge movement methodology for children and adults that helps to develop, refine and improve gross motor skills, coordination, and quickness.

It also improves agility, explosive power and turning ability in athletes, whatever your sport.

Based on 20 years of research and coaching movement, DMS has been tested and used extensively on thousands of individuals. It has been integrated into a number of professional clubs, schools and medical organisations and institutes of sport across the UK and Europe.

DMS helps to improve the neuromuscular system, not only on how to move, but how fast to move, developing movement and athletic performance with an emphasis on injury prevention. It is also used for movement re-patterning and neuromuscular rehabilitation after injury and surgery.

Are you ready to get started?