Improve My Running was started by Matt Holland. With 25 years’ experience competing, from steeplechase on the track to marathons and Ironman, Matt has the knowledge to succeed and understand how it feels to train at a high level.

Matt has represented Great Britain in triathlon, but his passion has always been running.

He has a Masters Degree in Sports Performance Coaching where his research focus was on athlete development, specifically the Junior to Senior Transition( age 16-24 years). He is a qualified Sports Therapist and Master Coach of the UK Running School. He is a Dynamic Movement Skills coach, an Advanced sports and remedial massage therapist and is a fully qualified fitness coach.

Matt is involved with UK Athletics, has lectured privately and in higher education and is also a qualified triathlon coach. Alongside this he has also written articles for national running magazines and had articles published relating to treatment of running injuries.

By combining all of these skills, he can offer a complete service to get you running faster, with better economy, improved technique and greater performance.

Matt has spent the last 25 years running a successful Running and Rehabilitation Clinic in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders, working not only with athletes and sportspersons, but also in movement, fitness and rehabilitation of people returning from injury and post-operative care.

My 25 year learning journey!

“Whilst I have coached high performance athletes it is through coming into contact with, and learning from hundreds of runners from a wide variety of backgrounds that I have learnt my craft. This I hope has put me in a position to understand from multiple viewpoints the complex nature of coaching and understanding every individual’s uniqueness, allowing me to help them whatever level they are at.”

He has coached hundreds of runners for 10k, marathons and ultra races also working with 9-18 year old track runners and multi directional sports persons such as football to successful professional contracts.

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