Learn to run in 6 weeks, improving technique, speed and injury prevention.

Embark on a journey to redefine your running with our Six Session Running Technique Course. This is not just training; it’s a transformation. We kick off with a cutting-edge Biomechanical Analysis, capturing your run on video as you stride on a treadmill. Through this lens, we will identify the secrets of your technique, spotlighting opportunities to not only boost your performance but also protect you from injuries.

But we don’t stop at observation. Our unique Running School Functional Movement Analysis dives deeper, exposing hidden weaknesses that might be holding you back. Coupled with a personalised discussion on your aspirations, this analysis becomes the foundation of a tailored strength regimen designed to propel you towards your goals.

The journey continues over five dynamic sessions, each crafted to refine the aspects we’ve pinpointed. You’ll experience our distinctive coaching approach, augmented by a suite of strength, activation, and mobility exercises. Plus, we’ll arm you with the know-how and routines to perfect your running technique on your own turf.

As the finale to your hard work, we review your goals and celebrate your improvements. Witness your progress first-hand with a before-and-after video of your running technique, a powerful motivator to keep you moving forward.

Who Stands to Benefit?

  • Beginner Runners: Take the first step with confidence.
  • Serious Amateurs: Elevate your running game.
  • Elite Runners: Sharpen your competitive edge.
  • Distance Runners & Sprinters: Optimise every stride.
  • Triathletes: Achieve seamless running transitions.

The Perfect Gift for Running Enthusiasts

Surprise the runner in your life with the gift of transformation. Our sessions, available as vouchers for £95, £315 and £415, make an inspiring gift that echoes with every step they take.

Invest in Your Run:

  • Biomechanical Analysis £95
  • Kids 6 Weeks of Tailored Technique Coaching: £315
  • Adult 6 Weeks of Tailored Technique Coaching: £415
  • 12 Weeks Technique Coaching £750

Are you ready to get started?