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Sports therapy & running performance training for all levels. Novice to expert.


Learn to run efficiently in 6 weeks

Move better, run better, run faster

The only accredited running centre in Scotland of The Running School, London.

We can help you stay injury free.
We can improve your running technique.
We can increase your speed whatever your sport.

Our 6 week course


Other Services

Edinburgh based sports therapy services including:

Bio mechanical & gait analysis

Run conditioning, technique and performance training

Advanced sports/remedial massage therapy

Sports therapy and rehabilitation

Training and help for beginners

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“Matt Holland has developed the ability through years of experience working with people of all abilities, not just to figure out what is wrong with them , but to work out where and what the weakness in your body is that the problem is originating from. Once you know that he can get to work on a program of strengthening things so that you can get back to doing the things that you enjoy most”

Adrian Stott (Manager, Run and Become. Team manager, Scottish Ultra distance Running Squad)

How We Work

Individual Technique, Video Analysis, Injury Identification

At IMR we understand the power of running, it's emotional, passionate and positive effect on life and the people around us.

We get running.

Our philosophy is to enable you to continue running uninterrupted by injury and to achieve your full potential.

We are supporting a lifestyle
We are promoting long term running
We are helping to build and improve your running in a sustainable and balanced way.

Good Technique is crucial to injury free running, and will help you reach your full potential.

Our mission is to keep you well, enjoying running, keeping the passion and achieving your best.

Whether you are a serious competitive athlete or recreational runner attempting your first race, our training methods will help you be the very best that you can be.

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“Matt really can improve your running!! His knowledge of running and the body is excellent, and his attention to details brilliant. Since working with Matt I feel stronger while I'm running, and my long term injuries are responding to the strength, balance and stretching work we've been doing.”

Shyamala Stott (marathon runner)

Run Camps

Run training camps in the scottish borders

Join Matt and his team in the beautiful Scottish Borders.

Enjoy great scenery while running with like minded people and equip yourself with the tools required to Improve your Running

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Based in heart of Edinburgh’s West End, we’re easily accessible by train and bus, and only 20 mins from Edinburgh airport.

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