This session is the most important because we look at the weaknesses of the body in movement, how your body reacts to the change of movement going from walking to running, and from running to sprinting. Balanced biomechanics, form, and technique are key factors to running faster, more efficiently, and injury-free. Correct running form ensures that we create and maintain linear momentum, reduce joint impact, minimize energy loss and maximize efficiency and economy..

A biomechanical analysis is a 60 minute session where we will analyse your running technique and movement using video analysis and a Functional Movement Analysis. This will allow us to identify any weaknesses and inefficiencies that could cause injury or prevent you from running faster. Discover how we can help you reduce your risk of injury, improve your efficiency and get the most out of your running. 

Price – £95

This is a great gift idea for your loved ones who enjoy running.  If you wish to purchase sessions for someone else, please contact us.

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