As a society, we sit down more than ever before, producing weaknesses, and reducing our walking efficiency. If you have had an injury or a period of immobility, you may also have developed compensations and inefficient movement patterns.

Our walking rehabilitation sessions are suitable for those recovering from illness or injury, seniors looking to get fit and improve balance, or those who do not enjoy running but want to stay fit. We will guide you through walking technique and exercises to improve your movement, balance, mobility and strength.  We will also give you a walking programme to follow at home.

Your first session will be a biomechanical Rehabilitation and Movement Analysis lasting 60 minutes, where we will assess movement patterns and imbalances, and explain how we can help you with your goals. Over following 5 sessions, we will use specialist exercises, small movements and repetitions to get the results you want.

Initial assessment price: £95

6 week programme price: £385

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