If you have been injured or have had surgery, the most important part is to regain or correct your movement patterns to enable you to get back to fitness or your sport. We offer supervised and specific rehabilitation sessions to ensure optimal recovery and reduced risk of re-injury.

By using a combination of our unique Movement Re-patterning protocols, we will progressively help you to regain motor and neuromuscular control, improve your neuromuscular co-ordination and strength, and improve your range of motion. We will work in conjunction with your physiotherapist of choice to provide the best possible continuity of treatment. We work with individuals after a stroke, or those who have Parkinson’s or MS, helping them with functional movement.

We provide movement re-patterning over a 6 session block. The first session will be a Rehabilitation & Movement Analysis.  This is where we look at your current movement, your limitations, your pain level and your goals for returning to fitness – whether it’s just to walk without pain or to return to elite sport.  This will help us recommend and develop personalised rehabilitation sessions.

This programme can be specialised for:

  • Sports injuries: i.e. knee, hip, etc.
  • Back pain
  • Kids & Teenagers
  • Older Adults
  • Falls Prevention

Price: £385

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