- Hippocrates (2,600 years ago!)

This is very true and a philosophy we believe in at Improve My Running. We understand the value of this simple movement, and the difference it can make to people who have movement patterning problems. We can work with:

  • Sports injuries: i.e. knee, foot, hip, etc.
  • Kids & Teenagers
  • Older Adults
  • Falls Prevention

We can work with you to improve balance, stability, mobility, brain function and quality of movement patterns.

Following injury or surgery, or due to habitual movement there is an interruption in the movement patterns and the body will try to compensate to keep moving and to assist with recovery. Our role is to try and stop the pain and to guide you back to full fitness. The rehabilitation module is progressive from the basic movement re-education, to functional neuro-motor stimulation, to dynamic movement development.