Following injury or surgery, or due to habitual movement, there is an interruption in the movement patterns, and the body will try to compensate to keep moving and to assist with recovery. These compensations can prevent full recovery and maintain pain, so our role is to try to re-establish normal movement and to guide you back to full fitness. The rehabilitation module is progressive from basic movement re-education, to functional neuromotor stimulation, to dynamic movement development.

The philosophy behind our approach to rehabilitation is based on The Five Phases of Rehabilitation and neuromuscular movement re-education. The overriding factor is the importance of having a functional approach.

The Five Phases of Rehabilitation:

i) Early movement and body control

ii) Motor control re-education

iii) Individual functional movement

iv) Proprioception & strength

v) Dynamic movement development & return to sport

The overriding methodology behind both The Movement School® and The Running School® is the Movement Re-Patterning Method, developed by Mike Antoniades, which is an extremely effective method in changing movement patterns for everyday movement, rehabilitation, running and speed.

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